The website Beroux.com as well as every software on it have been made by Werner Beroux.

Who am I?

Video games / applications / website developer in C++ / C# / Python / PHP using UML, Agile/Scrum, and Unit Testing. From software implementation to business talk, passing by project management.

Passionate about software development since I'm 10 years old, I've learned most of it by myself. My MSc in Computer Science is more a formal support. My working experience in various projects gave me most of my current knowledge (I love learning and applying new skills).

I'm French, speaking also German, bilingual English. I lived in Hong Kong 5 years and worked there for 3 years.

CV Employers can see Werner Beroux's résumé as PDF or the on-line version on Stack Overflow Careers. "Feel free to give me call."

Drop me an e-mail

You can contact Werner Beroux by e-mail to give your suggestions, questions, or any other.