We're – 2016-04-22
Moved from to (droping www. and adding TLS).
New article about Kubernetes and Docker – 2016-04-07
A rapid and practical introduction of Kubernetes and Docker technologies to build and deploy your web services from small to very large.
Bootstrap Polymer on AppEngine – 2015-04-11
New article to get have a fully working website on Google AppEngine using Polymer.
Cuckoo 4.34 – 2013-04-04
Cuckoo update for Windows 8.
Comment articles – 2012-09-18
You can now comment each posted article directly at the bottom of each.
Server upgrade – 2012-07-05
Yesterday evening the server upgrade went out well. If you experienced any kind of disturbance it should be fixed by now.
Planned server maintenance this week's end – 2012-02-23
We are upgrading our servers and we'll do the switch tonight. You may get a few disruption during that period of time. Please be patient, we'll be back on a much faster server.
18-Jan on Strike! – 2012-01-14
On 18-Jan 2012 goes dark as a protest against the internet censorship.
Got certified Professional Scrum Master – 2010-12-24
I just got one more certification. The PSM I for Agile Scrum.
Server Maintenance – 2010-12-15
That was an important server upgrade happened last night which blocked the access for a couple of hours.

Thank you for your understanding.
Server Maintenance – 2010-07-03
The whole server has been reinstalled and all major functions should be back to normal.
Server crash after update – 2009-02-25
After making a major update for iPuissance 4D (which is going to be ready soon) the server was down for a day or so. It should now be working fine and except 2min of reboot nothing more.
Remove the guestbook – 2009-01-05
The guestbook being used now almost only by advertisement it has been removed. Thank you for all your real comments.
C++ Unit Testing Framework, Boost Test – 2008-10-31
New article about C++ unit testing frameworks and especially Boost Test.
iPuissance 4D 6.05 Released – 2008-05-27
This new release is the first release since a long time. It fixes some minor bugs and adds some small improvements.

More important probably, the high score updates should be working again for people having an account.

Account creation however is still broken. I hope to find time to fix it and I'd like to thanks all those supporting me at the same time.