How to create a program

To create Windows programs™ you need a compiler. It is just a program like any other, that makes it possible to create programs. You can run the compiler, just like you would launch Word. You write the code as a text. Just as you would type a text under Word. Once this is done, you save your file. Like you would save your file in Word in a DOC, TXT, etc format, you save your sources files under the compiler editor format if you use one or as a simple text file. Now you can use your compiler to compile your file, you will obtain an EXE (or COM) file. All programs have the extension EXE.

Once you have an EXE file, you can run it under Windows. Under click Windows 9X on your start menu then 'Run' and enter the name and location of your program. EXE files (executable files) can NOT be modified (except by dismantling/discompiling...), so nobody can steal the source code of your program.

More details about source codes

You can compare source codes with a cookery recipe. First you list the ingredients, then you explain the procedure (Example: Take one pound flour, add some watter and mix it, etc). Finally, the computer reads the recipe and carries out the instructions.
In a compiler, you do not write "displays me a window of 300 pixels by 200 pixels". In BASIC (the easiest language) this instruction is written:

Me.Width = 300
Me.Height = 200

Of course you don't really understand these commands. Here is another example in the same language:

If the check box is checked, then display the message "Check box checked.".


If MyCheckBox.Value = True Then MsgBox "Check box checked."

In fact commands like those above define the source code of a program.

Each language has specifics commands, to make the same program the source codes will be different. A person who knows programming languages, is called a programmer.

Where to get a compiler ?

You can get compiler in a software store. If you want to program, there 2 main problems:

  • Cost: A good software such as Visual BASIC, costs approximately $100 for the basic version and $360 for the Pro version.
  • Training: Each language is a real language (French, German). So you have to learn how to use both, the language amd the software.

To start with, QBasic will be enough. This programming language in provided on the majority of computers. It is in C:\Dos for Win 3.x. or on the Windows 9X CD. Try to display traditional "Hello world !" which is almost always the first program anyone makes in a new language.

Some of my source codes

You can download the source codes of some of my programs freely. I authorize you to modify the sources provided there. But you will need the right compiler to recreate the EXE files.

If you improve a program, please send me a copy, so that I can see what you have added and perhaps improve my own version.

Program Version Language/Compiler Details Size
Mount'n Fall v1.00 Java 2 Small game but also the biggest source file here. 28.9 MB
GLPong v1.32 Visual C++ .NET / DevC++ / ... Uses OpenGL and SDL (but not MFC). 477 KB
CPucePuce v1.10 Visual C++ 6 Without MFC and in french clearely explained. 232 KB
Fractale v1.10 Visual C++ 6 With MFC - See the info in my programs list 12 KB
Titre v1.00 Java Applet that displays a gradient animated title. 14 KB
CopyDel v1.00 Visual Basic Dos See the info in my programs list 37 KB
XRen v1.00 Visual Basic Dos See the info in my programs list 31 KB
ChangeTexte v1.00 Visual Basic Dos See the info in my programs list 41 KB

I have other source codes, which I either sell or give to friends.