Texas Intrument: Help

Do you want to add game or great programs to your TI-x ? Follow instructions !!

The link

At first you have to make or get a cable that will link your TI-x to your PC. If your TI-x has a small jack connection, then it's OK. You can buy an unofficial cheap cable or the official, on the texas instrument site. The official cable is FAST, transfers without errors, allows you to edit some programs but it's very EXPENSIVE. Unofficial cables cost LESS, but the transfer applications mainly save the TI-x programs in an illegible form for the official or standard application. Here are two applications for the unofficial cables: CAL and W32Tran8x. In CAL, over some PC, COM2=COM1, COM3=COM2. I prefer W32Trans8x. ATTENTION: Plug the jack firmly into the TI.

Putting programs on your TI

You will find plenty of programs on the internet. There are different kinds of programs:

  • BASIC: You can create or edit these programs with your TI editor or an appropriated external application for the *.8?P files.
  • ASSEMBLER: These programs can be written on a TI but they are usually sent by the cable. To run them on your TI type "Asm(MY_ASM_PROG)".
  • SHELL: These programs need a shell. If you have a TI-86 I think that the best shell is Rascal. Put the program on your calculator (with a transfer program) and execute the shell. Now you can execute the shell programs using it.

My programs TI-86

You can download my programs ready for a TI-86, but you can change them for a different TI. You can find my programs in the section Products > TI-86.

How to increase the speed up to 4 times for a TI-82, TI-83, TI-85 or TI-86 ?

It's possible to increase the speed of TI calculators. I can modify some TI models. After the transformation your TI will go 4 times faster with no problems and no increase in temperature. The battery will use a tiny bit more. It could be that you don't want it to go 4 times faster all the time. You can install a 1X (normal speed) to 4X switcher.

To increase the speed you have to change an electronic component. The new component can be hard to get hold of, but I can get one and fix it for you for about $14.