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TI-86 Products

Name Short description Size
icon A7B 1.00 Will change any value into A root B. 0.95 KB
icon Squik 1.10 A game like Worms. 2.13 KB
icon Chrono 1.00 A stopwatch and countdown. 1.36 KB
icon MMind 1.01 A super master-mind (That I prefer to those in ASM/Shell). 1.29 KB
icon XUtil 1.01 Utilites to help you make programs. 1.90 KB
icon RUN 1.10 An F1 game. 1.14 KB
icon ResEq 1.00 Solves equations. 17.5 KB
icon Repère 1.01 Calculates the middle of 2 points, vectors, etc. 1.12 KB