V.I.M. (Multilingual Irregular Verbs) does not question you only on English, it also does it in German, Spaniard, Italian, etc. This program questions you by chance but a verb appears only once, except if you made a fault. You can be noted, to revise by chance or not and to give several definitions. The software questions you in 2 different ways, while giving you:

  • Translation - You gives the translation of a verb, you must find infinitive, the preterite and the last participle.
  • An element with the hazard - You gives one of the 4 elements (translation, preterite...), you must find those which miss.

The list of verbs is surely not smaller, especially in English:

  • English 3rd = 111 verbs
  • English 2nd = 121 verbs
  • English All = 212 verbs
  • German 5th = 93 verbs
  • German 4th = 93 verbs
  • German 2nd = 99 verbs

A simple help but compétante will help you in the event of needs.



Download (version history)

VIM v1.41 (1.94 MB)


Download the program then execute it from where you downloaded it and follow the instructions.

Open Source:

Code source sur GitHub