Cuckoo - Free Animated Clock Screensaver


Do you remember the old wood clocks with a little bird coming out when it rings? A cuckoo! You can now have one of these strange birds at home, on your computer, as screen saver.

The screen saver Cuckoo simulate a little Cuckoo clock, a Westminster old clock, or even a Mickey Mouse© clock. They draw the current time, they are animated and rings like real. So what is the different with a real one? You'll see this one is a little joker on holidays.

Program made for Liberty's and distributed on this web site with his acknowledge.

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Screen-shot: Cuckoo clock Screen-shot: Westminster Screen-shot: Mickey Mouse alarm clock


Download the file below then execute it to start the installation process.

Download (version history):

Cuckoo v4.34 (2013-04-04) (614 KB)

Open Source:

Source code on GitHub