What's new for Cuckoo


version 4.34 (2013-04-04):

  bugs fixed:
   o Compiled on an updated platform.

version 4.33 (2007-08-16):

  bugs fixed:
   o Compiled on an updated platform.

version 4.32 (2006-07-20):

  bugs fixed:
   o Avoid possible blinking after a long period of use.

Version 4.31 (2005-07-08):

  Bugs Fixed:
   o The option [Bell at 15 and 45] was not saved.
   o The option [Bell on hours] did not display the saved value.

Version 4.30 (2005-06-30):

  Features Added:
   o Improved about dialog box.

   o All documents have been translated.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Some files where not removed during uninstall.
   o Compiled on an updated platform.

Version 4.20 (2003-11-23):

  Features Added:
   o Doubled the rendering speed of the MickeyMouse clock.
   o Automatic detection of the "Avoid flickering" option should be set (this option has been removed from the setting's dialog).

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Call glFush before swapping buffers.

Version 4.10 (2003-11-22):

  Features Added:
   o Use lists to accelerate some more the rendering.
   o Added the option "Avoid screen flickering" for people experiencing rendering problems.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Main speed upgrades where not working.
   o The "Disable sounds once monitor power shut down" option wasn't saved.
   o The cuckoo clock could make some computers bug.
   o When the screen-saver started at a bell time the bell sound may have been disturbed.

Version 4.00 (2003-10-12):

  Features Added:
   o Better install system with icons and uninstall support.
   o Dialogs are in French and in English depending of the running system.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Screen saver crash when screen goes to power off should be fixed (be sure to enable the option in settings).
   o General crashes or problems solved.

  Minor Changes:
   o Less freeze during time updates (about each 5 seconds).
   o Darked Cuckoo clock's pendulum.

Version 3.10:

  Features Added:
   o Increased number of frames per second.

Version 3.00:

  Features Added:
   o Added the Mickey Mouse© clock.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Better installation routine of the screen saver.
   o Corrected some bugs.

Version 2.00:

  Features Added:
   o Added the Westminster clock.
   o Reduced overage program size.
   o Some other upgrades.

Version 1.00:
  First release of Cuckoo.