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If you found this website usefull the best way to thank us is to create a link to Beroux.com. We may also add a link to yours in the Links section. For any question related to referencing and BackLinks contact us by e-mail.

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You can use the URL displayed by your browser to create a link to a page. However we would advise to use the URL with the ID number. This address is visible on every page bottom by clicking on the link Make a link to this page. This link is intemporal; it will never change.

For example for the Windows Softwares page it gives https://beroux.com/?id=36;lang=en instead of /english/softwares/windows.php. If you're a webmaster are you're not sure of your clients' language (french or english), it's even better to remove the language attribute ;lang= which gives: https://beroux.com/?id=36. Then the language will be automatically detected by our website.


Beroux's Softwares, Games, Articles

Beroux's Softwares, Games, Articles

Beroux's Softwares, Games, Articles

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PAD Files

The PAD (XML Portable Application Description) format is a new standard for softwares' description (see Association of Shareware Professionals).

The main products of the website have an updated PAD file. You can consult those PAD files at https://beroux.com/padfiles/.